Monday, February 20, 2017

Critics Say Bill Facilitates Seizure of Children from Christian Homes

I certainly try to avoid political discussions on this blog, but this one has to do with the family, and more specifically, the Christian family. 

The traditional family, where the father is head, is under serious threat. It is a growing suspicion of mine that Ontario will not be friendly to Christian families for long, especially patriarchal homes—at least, as much as it is right now. And make no mistake, peace-loving, non-resistant culture will not save the Anabaptist from persecution. The new order of world government loves worldly peace and communitarianism, but it hates families that stand for something. The new paradigm of continuous change and social transformation cannot bear solid, stable homes, because they don't change, they don't budge, they don't give. They cannot be coaxed, or pushed, or manipulated. Christian homes stand on the New Testament commandments, and will suffer anything in order to be faithful to the Lord Jesus.

Here's a news article from LIFESITE USA: Ontario gov't bill makes it easier to seize children from Christian homes, say critics.

It is sobering to me. I think it should be to you too.

My opinion of modern tribulation (pressure), putting it bluntly, is that we may see little physical distress from our government, at least for the immediate future. Much of the pressure to conform will come through psychological methods of social transformation, although physical suffering will always be there, as Scripture prophesies it.

My question to Anabaptist Christians is this: How are you intentionally preparing for the possibility of heavy spiritual trials? How are you investing your spare time? Are you diligent in making your faith rock solid by rigorous personal Bible study and prayer? Are you "exhorting one another daily" (Heb. 3:13), so that none of us is hardened by the deceitfulness of sin? Are you compassionately warning your fellowman of the dangers of empty philosophy and wicked teachers who work from within the Christian fold?

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