Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Question from an Atheist

    A Christian and an atheist were having a conversation about their different beliefs. At one point the atheist asks the Christian a question:
    “Why do you say that your God is so perfect? He made a Universe so distant and vast, but put humans in a tiny planet that looks like a pinhead compared to the whole Universe.”
    “Let me give you an example,” replied the Christian. “Imagine an old painter arranging his canvas. Brush in hand, he paints a sun above the mountains, a bird flying in the air, a few fluffy clouds over there, some trees on the earth, a stream here, a stone there, and a colorful hot air balloon in the center of the sky. Finally, he makes three dots in a corner at the bottom of the picture, and makes a tiny black ant.
    “Now,” continued the Christian, “we may ask ourselves, ‘Why would he have made such a beautiful hot air balloon in the sky when the ant can’t even reach it and enjoy the ride?’ The fact is that the painter did not paint the hot air balloon for the ant, nor the ant for the balloon, nor even the picture for the ant. The painter simply painted everything for himself.”

    “Likewise, the Universe was not created for man (though he certainly may enjoy some of it), nor was man created for himself. Special as he may be to God, he was made to be a small part of all Creation. The Creator made everything for Himself. It doesn’t matter if man cannot enjoy the sight of all the beautiful fish and creatures at the bottom of the sea. It doesn’t matter if he can’t see bacteria or the surface of Pluto with his naked eye. Everything was made to bring glory to the Creator.”
-E.S. Gutwein

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