Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'll Give It to Him

A song that really hit me the other day. Sung by the Yoder Family in their album "In the Saviour's Hands". Their voices are amazing. They sound a bit like the Esh Family. A lot of feeling. So genuine!

Recommended! Find a copy at Living Waters Christian Bookstore.

I’ll Give It to Him
by Trevor Toews © 2002

Teardrops are falling and troubles are dragging me down;
Voices are calling, the devil is lurking around;
Downhill is easy, to yield only leads into sin;
Jesus is telling me I should just give it to him.

I’ll give it to Him
Who knows what I need;
Jesus the answer and joy of my life,
Whose yoke is so easy and burden so light.
I’ll give it to Him,
And He’ll make it right.

Dreams are all shattered and hope is forsaking my soul;
Things that once mattered are moving beyond my control;
Friendships are failing and loved ones are living in sin;
I have no comfort unless I just give it to Him.

Casting my care on the Lord, I am filled with His joy;
Peace and contentment that no earthly thought can destroy;
Life is a vict’ry that Jesus is helping me win;
I can be happy if I can just give it to Him.

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