Wednesday, December 14, 2016

David Jeremiah Admits Celebration of Discipline Promotes New Age Practices

This is in response to an article that appeared in the most recent Lighthouse Trails newsletter: David Jeremiah Admits Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline Promotes New Age Practices (Please read here).

Sadness. Things that were said to be "outside"— way outside—are now inside, very much inside. It is apparent that New Age philosophy and practice is beginning to make successful forays into the Conservative Anabaptist fortress through the Trojan horse of Contemplative Mysticism—the Spiritual Disciplines.

Indeed, we as followers of Christ are to seek that which is spiritual, and live a disciplined life in accordance with the New Testament, diligent in the study of God's Word and persistent in prayer. However, the infrastructure of the "Spiritual Disciplines" is not constructed from the building blocks of the Christian Scriptures, but from the stuff of ancient paganism, resurrected in earlier centuries by popish monks and today by their emergent modern mystic and New Age counterparts.

Richard Foster
One illustration of this infiltration is the use and promotion of the book "Celebration of Discipline" in Amish/Mennonite churches and organizations. One such institution who promotes and sells this book with no word of caution is Faith Builders Educational Programs (FB), located in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. The book was written by Quaker and mystic Richard Foster. The book is listed on the website of a local Christian store owned by a Mennonite bishop, and has also been used in group book studies by conservative Mennonites here in Southern Ontario.

Does this mean everything taught by FB is tainted? Absolutely not! But when will be stand back, and notice and recognize teachings and practices that do not line up with Scripture? When will we do something decisive in order to keep pure our precious doctrine? When will we finally understand that error loves to cloak itself behind the plainest vestures and the most honorable displays? If we desire to have schools that will teach sound doctrine to our youth, why not pay a closer look at their curriculum and keep them accountable in meekness and love?

A while ago, someone asked Lighthouse Trails (LT) if they were aware of any influence from contemplative mysticism at Faith Builders. LT replied: "I think all you have to do is visit the website of Faith Builders publishing arm, and you will see some of their persuasions. Here is an example: They have Richard Foster and Madame Guyon. I think if you take a close look at this school, you may find some serious concerns."

People, the night is far spent. The day is just about to break. Cast off the works of darkness. Put on the armor of light! (Romans 13:12).

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  1. Thank you for being brave enough to point out the serious errors which are being absorbed by so many people today. Maybe you would consider an article on the occultism in the works of JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis - people seem to be completely blind to the spiritual darkness of these authors and surely this is one reason for the weakness in so many churches today.

    1. Yes, I'm aware of the occultism in Tolkien's works, and more importantly, in C.S. Lewis' literature. By his own admission, he wàs very attracted to the occult. I think he says he did not pursue it as a practice simply because he did not know how to do it. I read this in his book Pursuit of Happiness.It's astonishing how revered he is as a "Christian" writer, and an "orthodox" one at that!

    2. Sorry, I meant to say "Surprised by Joy" rather than Pursuit of Happiness!!!


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